Philadelphia Chinese Opera Society

Philadelphia Chinese Opera Society (PCOS) is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the Chinese community through the study, teaching, and performance of Beijing opera (also known as Jing Ju, or Peking Opera). Dating back over two thousand years, this highly developed and stylized art form is a synthesis of […]

Thomas B. Morton

Born and raised in West and Northwest Philadelphia, Thomas Morton is a local photographer. Through the formal study of photography, language, linguistics, and travel, he pursues his interests in culture and African Diasporan experiences and expressions. Tom served five years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Panama and the Dominican Republic. He […]

Mogauwane Mahloele

Mogauwane Mahloele was born in Storomo and raised in Mamelodi ya Tshwane, South Africa. He is accomplished in both the making and playing of African (Alkebulan) drums, entoros (mouth harps), dipelas (kalimbas), nakas, flutes, sekeres and makhoyames (bowed instruments with gourd resonators.) He is also a sculptor and painter. Craftsmanship and musicianship—often seen as different […]

Marta Sanchez

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Marta Sanchez is deeply inspired by traditional Mexican folk art expressions. She earned a MFA in Painting from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University and a BFA in Painting from the University of Texas at Austin. She is recognized primarily for her ex-voto/retablo paintings, an offspring of […]

Frito Bastien

From the time he was a young boy, Frito Bastien has been fascinated with drawing, devoting every spare moment to this passion. Born in 1954 in Jacmel, a coastal town on Haiti’s southern peninsula, Mr. Bastien began working on canvas at thirteen, when the well-known Haitian painter Celestin Faustin took him under his wing. The […]

Eric Joselyn

Politically active his whole life, Eric Joselyn is known among an extended community of activists as an invaluable resource. Rarely credited publicly, he is a prolific working artist who has been turning people’s demands and dreams into eye-catching (and conscience-catching) physical and visual expressions for decades. Without knowing it, you may well have seen his […]

Eang Mao

As a boy in Cambodia, Eang Mao walked past the Buddhist temple every day on the way to school. As he looked around at the walls of the monks’ quarters, he saw paintings depicting stories about Buddha and poems written in calligraphy. “They shook my heart very deeply,” Mr. Mao remembers. This experience inspired him […]

Rosa Ruiz

Rosa Ruíz is a multimedia artist and activist. Originally from the state of Toluca, México, she has been living in the Greater Philadelphia area for over twenty years. For the past nine years, she has been a dancer with the folklorico group, Ballet México Lindo, and she also dances with Campatlanezi Danza Azteca Del Anahuac. […]

Paul D. Best “Our Sun Paul”

Paul D. Best learned the art form of Black Storytelling as a child growing up in Gary, Indiana from his father and his uncles. Whenever they would gather, they would tell stories about growing up in the South, and moving up North, being a part of the Great Migration. By listening intently, he became the […]

Claudia Peregrina

Claudia is a skilled artisan in various forms of traditional embroidery and painting. Originally from Mexico City, her training in art began as a child with lessons from her indigenous P’urhepecha grandmother, from Michoacán, Mexico. During their time together, her grandmother would engage in storytelling while doing embroidery, demonstrating the two to be inextricably linked. […]