1997 (Summer/Fall) 10:2-3

Special 10th Anniversary issue. Summer/Fall 1997 10:2-3

  • From the editor. By Debora Kodish, p. 2
  • Happy 10th birthday: where were you in January 1987? By Debora Kodish, p. 3-9
  • Painted women: Rashmi Jhaveri’s henna arts. By Teresa Jaynes, pp. 10-13
  • Carved birds and flowers: Chia Kue’s edible art. By Teresa Jaynes, pp. 14-15
  • “I do not do recitals:” Ione Nash, dancer and teacher. By Debora Kodish, pp. 16-17
  • “Where there is music, there is dance:” African social dance in Philadelphia. By Stacey E. Ford, pp. 18-19, 27
  • “Tell the story to the children:” William Still and the Still family reunion. By William Westerman, pp. 20-23
  • Facing down a death squad: a labor organizer in Honduras [activists interviews]. Excerpts from interviews with Mike Finley and Denys Everingham, by Teresa Jaynes, pp. 24-26
  • Exhibitions and books, pp. 28-29
  • Upcoming events, p. 30