2005 (Summer) 18:2-3

  • From the editor. By Debora Kodish, p. 3
  • “I choose to stay here.” By Debora Kodish and members of Community Leadership Institute, p. 4
  • “We are here to make changes:” pleñero Joaquin Rivera. By Elizabeth Sayre, p. 8
  • Acrobatics and freedom: sepak takraw in a South Philadelphia park. By Bill Westerman, p. 10
  • The dance is an offering: Ollin Yolitzli Calmecac. By Kay Turner, p. 12
  • We shall not be moved: Thomas B. Morton’s photographs of 30 years of ODUNDE. p. 14
  • Arabic song, flamenco footwork: Herencia Arabe . By Toni Shapiro-Phim, p. 18
  • Folk arts and multicultural education: notes on a folklore project program. By Toni Shapiro-Phim, p. 22