2000 (Winter) 13:1-2 [Special Issue: “Folk Arts of Social Change”]

Special Issue: “Folk Arts of Social Change” Winter 2000 13:1-2

  • From the editor. By Debora Kodish, p. 2
  • Blood Stains. By William Westerman, pp. 3-5, 28
  • Reclaiming a tradition: mid-autumn festival in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. By Deborah Wei, pp. 6-7, 26-27
  • La Virgen de Guadalupe and stuggles for justice in Chester County. By Miguel Diaz-Barriga and Luis Tlaseca, pp. 8-9, 27
  • Folk Arts of Social Change: excepts from an exhibition. Exhibition text panels, photographs and labels, curated by Teresa Jaynes, pp. 10-21
  • Folk Arts of Social Change: curator’s selection. Excerpts from interviews recorded and edited by Teresa Jaynes, pp. 22-25, 27-29
  • Traveling exhibitions, pp. 30-31