2001 (Summer) 14:1-2 [Special Issue: “Asian Art Happens Here”]

Special Issue: “Asian Art Happens Here” Summer 2001 14:1-2

  • From the editors. By Debora Kodish and Deborah Wei , p. 3
  • Sites of struggle: bringing folklore and social change into the classroom. By Debora Kodish and Debora Wei, p. 5
  • I didn’t dance after I left Changsha. By Oliver Nie, p. 10
  • The story of Ki-Wook Kim. By Ju-Yeon Ryu, p. 14
  • Chinatown without lion dancers would be a community filled with regret. By Sifu Cheung Shu Pui, p. 18
  • The deep void in my heart has been filled: Beijing Opera in Philadelphia. By Juan Xu, p. 24
  • You cannot lose your spirit. By Leendavy Koung, p. 26