Honoring Pang Xiong: Hmong Sauce Sampler

This edition of Community Kitchens is part of our program, Honoring Pang Xiong Sirirathasuk Sikoun, where we partner with her family and the Hmong community of greater Philadelphia to celebrate the life and contributions ofvPang Xiong Sirirathasuk Sikoun, a paj ntaub (Hmong textile/embroidery) artist, chef, and Hmong culture bearer, who passed away due to COVID19 in 2020. A beloved and influential matriarch of her large, extended family, Pang is regarded as a major force who sustained Hmong culture for generations of Hmong community members in the Philadelphia-area and introduced Hmong traditions to a wider national audience. Dynamic, generous, brilliant, creative, open-hearted, traditional and forward-thinking, highly skilled in multiple media, and an industrious worker, Pang was an innovator in Hmong arts, culture, foodways, lifeways, and self-help/economic development strategies.

We dedicate this segment to a trio of her sought after Hmong sauces (sweet chili, peanut, and hot chili) prepared by her son and professional chef, Chakawarn Sirirathasuk. The sauces are accompanied by virtual interpretive programming around the recipes (podcast, YouTube videos, and web publications), and included in the gift box of sauces are Hmong handicrafts made by Pang prior to her passing.

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