Philadelphia Chinese Opera Society

Philadelphia Chinese Opera Society (PCOS) is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the Chinese community through the study, teaching, and performance of Beijing opera (also known as Jing Ju, or Peking Opera). Dating back over two thousand years, this highly developed and stylized art form is a synthesis of […]


NANIKHA is a women’s a cappella musical ensemble known for their serious commitment to enriching African American culture and community life through the study and performance of African vocal music traditions. The group has a diverse repertoire of African, spiritual, cultural, jazz, and contemporary music, including adult and children’s songs in more than eight languages. […]

Shuyuan Li

Shuyuan Li has been a Beijing Opera performing artist for over forty years and is a fourth generation artist in this tradition. At age 10, she started receiving vigorous, standard, traditional training in all aspects of Beijing opera under the tutelage of her family. Her father, Li Wuanchun, was a well-established virtuoso of Beijing Opera […]

Linda Goss

Linda Goss is a storyteller who uses the medium to inspire people to respond to inequity in the world and to share a vision for hope, freedom, healing, and justice. Linda’s stories are in the tradition of her African and African American ancestors, and tell of how people make choices in the face of power […]

Hawa Moore

Hawa Moore was born in Negban, Liberia, in the Vai tribe. “I grew up with traditional music all around me,” she says. “Music and dance have been part of my life since I was a little girl. I can’t live without dancing and singing: I feel like I’m sick or lost when these things are […]

Greg “Just Greg” Corbin

Greg “Just Greg” Corbin is a poet, writer, teacher, hip hop artist and community activist. He has shared stages with India Arie, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Nikki Giovanni, Musiq, Saul Williams, Kindred the Family Soul, and many other renowned artists. Greg has performed across the U.S., and internationally in South Africa, England and Canada. A […]

Gbahtuo Comgbaye

Gbahtuo Comgbaye was born and raised in Lower Nimba County, Liberia. His hometown, Nyor-diaplay, is close to the border of the Ivory Coast, which is the homeland of an elder storyteller named Kergongor. Kergongor periodically crossed into Liberia with his singers and traveled from village to village telling musical fables. Villagers from miles around gathered […]

Antonia Cruz Arias

Antonia Cruz Arias, flamenco cantaora (singer), was born in 1988 in San Francisco. Her paternal grandmother was California-born Spanish singer Elena Acevedo. Ms. Cruz Arias was raised in the world of flamenco, but began her formal music and dance training in the classical tradition at age four. She studied classical and jazz technique at the […]

Paul D. Best “Our Sun Paul”

Paul D. Best learned the art form of Black Storytelling as a child growing up in Gary, Indiana from his father and his uncles. Whenever they would gather, they would tell stories about growing up in the South, and moving up North, being a part of the Great Migration. By listening intently, he became the […]

Dendê Macedo

Dendê Macedo has been a percussionist, singer, composer, teacher, and professional multi-instrumentalist musician since the age of 14, first performing in the frontline of Timbalada, Carlinhos Brown’s superstar percussion ensemble. Since 2001, Macedo has been developing a solo career, splitting his time between the US and Bahia and working with his folkloric group Ologundê and […]