PhillyFolk Artists

Sianei Jackson

Contemporary & Traditional African Dance

Sianei Jackson is a dancer within Philadelphia’s Liberian community, specializing in both contemporary and traditional African dance. With over a decade of dancing experience, Sianei has distinguished herself as a performer and teacher, particularly through Black Diamond Allstars, a children’s dance group she founded and directs. Through this organization, Sianei is dedicated to teaching not only African dance techniques, but also Liberian history and tradition to her students.

Sianei Jackson first began learning dance as a child from internationally acclaimed Liberian Dancer, Kormassa Bobo, a pillar of Philadelphia’s Liberian community. This instruction developed into a deep passion for Jackson, and she knew that she too wanted to be a dance instructor since childhood. As Kormassa Bobo’s apprentice, Jackson studies, teaches and performs traditional dances from Liberia

She believes that through dance, she can provide support and reassurance to the growing Liberian community.