PhillyFolk Artists

Detty Kastubi Aziz

Sundanese Dance

Detty was born in Bandung, West Java and was trained in Western Javanese (Sundanese) dances in her younger years. She was privately trained specifically in the classical Sundanese dance by Elly Pasha, the director of a prominent Sundanese Dance Troupe Ekayana in Jakarta, Indonesia. She competed and danced in various performances and events with the troupe, then later danced professionally with her sisters and cousins. Currently, Detty actively teaches and performs with the Indonesian dance group, Modero, in South Philadelphia.

Detty’s Sundanese cultural exposure was supported by her parents and family who embraced and dedicated a part of their lives to the preservation and promotion of the traditional culture in the capital city, Jakarta. Detty’s mother is a prominent traditional Sundanese wedding make-up artist and coordinator who is still actively involved in the traditions in her 91 years of age. The family’s passion exposed Detty to playing various Sundanese traditional instruments, such as gamelan, calung and angklung. She loved performing and especially enjoyed her time participating in the events coordinated by her beloved mother.