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Anthony Mendez

Bomba y Plena

Anthony Mendez is the director and lead percussionist of Los Bomberos De La Calle, which offers Traditional & Contemporary styles of Bomba & Plena music from Puerto Rico. At the age of 23, Mendez ventured to find his identity and culture, taking several classes of traditional Bomba & Plena music. After a couple of months, he was asked to join a local performance group that also offers traditional workshops. By the age of 29, he began leading after school programs for local school districts, and since then, he has worked at several after school programs, summer programs, and has offered workshops and classes to the local community and around the tri-state area. Anthony Mendez is determined to preserve the traditional music of Bomba & Plena as well as educate on the history that is involved with the music in a fun and interactive way. Anthony & Los Bomberos De La Calle have received many awards and certificates from state and federal agencies for their commitment in preserving traditional music as well as for their work educating high-risk children and those with special needs.