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WHYY Covers PFP Artist, Ivonne Pinto-García, and the Sugar Skull Tradition

PFP Artist Ivonne Pinto-García recently gave a lecture on Day of the Dead accompanied by a sugar skull workshop at the Philadelphia Free Library. Read about the event in the following article by Elizabeth Estrada at WHYY.

Article Title: What Día de los Muertos sugar skulls mean to one Mexican artist in Philly

Ivonne Pinto-García is not afraid of death.

In fact, she accepts that death is inevitable and the destination where we’re all headed. She only hopes that when she is physically gone from this world, that she is placed on an altar and honored on Día de los Muertos.

“The day I die and my daughter Sophie has to place me on an altar, well, I hope she makes me a ton of sugar skulls and places me alongside a bunch of sweets with a ton of frosting,” she said, laughing. “That way my spirit can be satisfied with sugar.”