1990 (Fall) 3:3 [Special Issue: “Passing on Traditions: Sixteen Master Folk Artists”

Special Exhibition Issue: Passing on Traditions: “Sixteen Master Folk Artists” Fall 1990 3:3 

  • Passing on traditions: sixteen master folk artists. By Debora Kodish, p. 2
  • Introduction: common ground and cultural diversity. By Debora Kodish and Catherine Jacobs, p. 3
    Sharing a Legacy
  • Learning is a lifelong process: Aguedo Beltran, p. 4 [Puerto Rican cuatro-maker];
  • Stolen threads: Eudokia Sorochaniuk, p. 4 [Ukranian Hutsul weaver];
  • “I will be responsible for his learning:” Nykola Pawliuk, p. 5 [Ukrainian hutsul leatherworker];
  • Searching out others: Judith Civan, p. 5 [English bobbin laceworker]
    Refining and re-finding traditions
  • Maintaining a cultural art: Terrence Cameron, p. 6 [Trinidadian steel pan-maker]; Finding one’s roots: John Roussos, p. 6 [Greek santouri musician];
  • Gathering regional traditions: Anna Halmay, Teofila Malnychuk and Stefania Shumsky Meyer, pp. 6-7 [Ukrainian embroidery and beadwork];
  • Weaving past into present: Elisabeth Jonsson Brown, p. 7 [Swedish weaver]
    A matter of Cultural Survival
  • Treasured symbols: Bronius Krokys, p. 8 [Lithuanian folksong];
  • Overcoming obstacles: Peang Koung, p. 8-9 [Khmer musical instrument-maker];
  • Cultivating wisdom: Blanche Epps, p. 9 [African American gardener];
  • Fabrics of culture: Pang Xiong Sirirathasuk, p. 9-10 [Hmong needleworker]
    Changing Tides of Appreciation
  • Preserving miniature theater: Hal Taylor, p. 10 [European marionette-maker];
  • Expanding expressive possibilities: LaVaughn Robinson, p. 10-11 [African American tap dancer]
  • Acknowledgements, p.11