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Technical Assistance

The Folklore Project offers services and assistance to Philadelphia-area grassroots groups and traditional artists working - in many ways - in cultural heritage. This section of our website includes materials that we used at past free workshops.

Artist Assistance (Funding)

Funding Agencies. Resource agencies, funding programs, and other sources of assistance for community-based traditional artists and folklife organizations in the Philadelphia area. (Last updated 2010).

Writing Grant Proposals. Basic materials that you will most likely need to develop for grant applications, with examples of what some local funders require.

Grantwriting Tips and Sample Proposals. By the Fund for Folk Culture.

Grantwriting Tips and Information. Links to other sites that provide assistance and "how-to" instruction.

Suggestions To Funders & Advocacy Issues. Ways in which folk and traditional artists and grassroots groups are traditionally at a disadvantage when judged by terms not reflective of culturally-appropriate values and criteria. Helpful in identifying common impediments, and suggesting strategies. Useful for community-based artists who want to apply to funders, and for funders who want to reach culturally- and economically-diverse communities.

General Assistance (Other Help)

Artist Referrals. PFP Artist Referral Questionnaire

About Technical Assistance at PFP. An overview.

What Are Folk Arts. A basic review.

The State of Folk Arts in Philadelphia in 2004. To give you a sense of what traditional artists face. Based on conversations with PFP constituents.

Folk Arts and the Digital Divide. If you are here, visiting our website, then these thoughts may not apply. PFP is concerned, however, with the situation of the many folk and traditional artists and grassroots cultural workers who don't have access to (or facility with) computers and the internet. Have thoughts about this? We'd like to hear from you, as we plan next steps in our technical assistance program.

Links. Folklife, community cultural groups, and more.