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Visit us at 735 S. 50th Street in West Philadelphia. Our exhibitions are open every Tuesday 2 PM - 7 PM or by appointment. (Call us: 215.726.1106) Click here for more details and the full spring 2014 calendar. To be added to our mailing list email us.

On-Going PFP Programs

Community Supported Art Program (CSA)
We launched this program to directly connect local artists working in grassroots and community traditions and you - wider audiences. You can buy selections of work by participating artists at our Folk Art and Media Pop-Up Shop. Learn more.

Folk Arts and Social Change Exhibitions
Visit our exhibitions
page for online versions of past exhibitions. Learn about our Folk Arts and Social Change residencies program, in which we work with local artists and grassroots groups to develop exhibitions in our gallery addressing local issues.

Folk Arts Education
Folk Arts and Multicultural Education (FAME) is our arts education program, including on-going residencies in which traditional artists work with young people at the Folk Arts - Cultural Treasures Charter School (which we helped Asian Americans United to found) and in community sites. Residency artists include masters of diverse local cultural traditions - African American, Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Liberian dance and music. At the Folk Arts Cultural Treasures Charter School, we are also involved in developing folk arts education curricula, standards and programs. For more information, view our FAME page.

Media and Publications
We develop documentary resources to widen the public record about local folk arts and issues. (Browse some examples here). Our long-running magazine, children's books, books and exhibition catalogs, and documentary videos and DVDs are on our list. Purchase of our publications helps support PFP efforts.

The Philadelphia Folklore Project works to sustain cultural and artistic practices rooted in the histories, traditions, and everyday lives of people in the Philadelphia area. All of our public programs aim to increase respect for, understanding of, and access to local grassroots arts and humanities. In this section, read more about current and past programs: public events, performances, residencies, workshops, exhibitions, and education efforts.

View Previous Events Browse past PFP programs here: see images and hear sounds of local folk arts. On display:

  • Parallel Destinies open studio: Germaine Ingram, Bobby Zankel, John Dowell (2010)
  • Liberian Culture Camp: Fatu Gayflor (2009)
  • African Songs, New Contexts concert (2008): Zaye Tete and Fatu Gayflor
  • Mother's Day Klezmer Concert (2008): Elaine and Susan Watts and guests
  • Dance Happens Here (2007): Thavro Phim and Amatak
  • Dance Happens Here (2006): Kulu Mele African Dance and Drum Ensemble
  • Community Folklife Documentation: Pang Xiong Sirirathasuk Sikoun

    How the events viewer works:
    The viewer will open in 'gallery' mode - allowing you to select an event to view. Ater the event has played, you can return to gallery mode to select another event - just click the gallery icon ( bottom-left ) in the viewer to do so. Most of the events include music.