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In Our Gallery: Real and Virtual

Current Exhibitions

Our galleries showcase local folk and traditional arts - vernacular and alternative expression. The PFP gallery is free and open to the public. Contact PFP to schedule your visit!

FREE: donations appreciated

Folk Arts Education: Meeting Room/Reading Room
This installation offers an opportunity to imagine and share how children, communities, teachers and schools could be strengthened through folk arts programming.

Fall Open House on Wednesday, October 1st 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Everyone is invited to our open house. View photographs of inspiring folk arts teaching and learning, browse a collection of art in education resources, and connect with people working across the city in this field. Raise a glass to toast folk artists and teacher collaborations.

Educator Supper Club
Thursday, November 13th
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

K-12 teachers and administrators are invited to relax together and explore folk arts in education issues. We will provide the hearty soup and welcome you to bring a dish to share in the potluck. Teachers can bring examples of resources they have found useful for working with various cultural communities and with folk arts in the classroom. Space is limited: RSVP by 11/3.

Community Artists and Organizations Workshop
Thursday, November 20th
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Community artists and organizations involved (or those who wish to be involved) in folk arts in education programs are encouraged to attend this evening workshop. We will explore some of the issues and challenges involved in bringing community-based folk and traditional arts into school settings. We will also share resources to help foster more community artists in schools.

Winter Open House
Friday, December 12th 
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us for a family-friendly evening of folk arts in education fun. Our folk art gift shop will be open for those looking for locally-sourced, hand-made gifts for the upcoming holidays.

Professional development opportunities for educators

Educators are welcome to contact PFP about designing professional development workshops and courses tailored to address the needs of your school or professional organization. Workshops could focus on developing folk arts in education programs and curriculum, or on issues involved with working with the various cultural groups in your school’s community. Receipt of Act 48 professional development credits possible. Contact Linda at

Bill & Miriam CrawfordContinuing Exhibit

If These Walls Could Talk: William and Miriam Crawford's Dining Room
Bill and Miriam Crawford's actual dining room are four walls collaged with 40 years of social change memorabilia. Like other folk arts, these lovingly tended walls of memory and struggle trace community and convey folk history. An artistic creation in its own right, this assemblage evokes the homes and workplaces of many activists. The dining room walls chronicle four decades of a family's political life, recording the Crawfords' involvement in the Communist party, the civil rights, Black Power, and anti-war movements, the "Stop Rizzo" campaign, and Bill's own campaign for city controller. Like an elaborate, oversized scrapbook, the walls seamlessly mix radical political memorabilia with favorite images of African American literary and musical figures, popular culture, cartoons, and photographs of old friends. Each piece has a story. (Read more)

View All The Virtual ExhibitsVirtual Exhibits
Take a virtual tour of some of the art traditions that make Philadelphia's communities vital. Originally curated as actual exhibitions, the virtual shows are presented here in various formats. Click below to read full exhibition texts with images. Or lauch the exhibition viewer above for a slide show of images with brief captions.