Exhibition Closing Party: Dishes of the Diaspora

Exhibition Closing Party: Dishes of the Diaspora

May 20, 2017
5:00pm to 9:00pm
Philadelphia Folklore Project, 735 South 50th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143

Open Gallery 
Join us for a last look or to revisit the exhibition in depth! 

Dishes of the Diaspora: A journey through ten Philadelphia kitchens

About the Exhibition:
Culinary artist Pascale Boucicaut and photographer Adachi Pimentel have been exploring African heritage foodways throughout the city of Philadelphia, visiting the kitchens of ten cooks and gathering stories, histories, and recipes. This exhibit offers a curated look into the ingredients and modes of preparation used by these cooks, and celebrates the local culinary tapestry of African diasporic identity. Visit the Dishes of the Diaspora website for great background stories about the people and foods featured in the exhibit, http://www.dishesofthediaspora.com/

If you have any questions about programming, or the ongoing project, please contact diasporadishes "at" gmail.com